First climax

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Jennifer forced herself back to reality, and started to struggle, trying to get the tongue away from her chaste pussy.Her screams soon turned to begging to let her go, as she felt the pleasure starting to heighten and become unbearable. :)

Moments later a blissful feeling, yet unknow to her, shot through her body when Jennifer reached her very first climax. ;) The beastlicked her virgin slift relentlessly the whole her body convulsed in ecstasy.

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Jennifer panted and groaned in the afterglow of her first climax as she saw the beast pull its mouth away from her pussy, now driping with a mix of transparent green slime and her own virgin juices. Suddenly, Jennifer saw two other appendages grow fron the frount of the creature main bulk, just below its mouth.

These new tentacles had a pinkish tone and the young woman was able to recognize the shape of their tips. She had seen it once before while she playfully hid in the bushes near the castles lake and accidentally spied on a naked couple. Those tentacles had the shape of a mans cock!

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After a while, Jennifer started to moan in pleasure from the incredible feeling of her first fuck ever. For a brief moment, she did not care what this thing was. She loved how its cock moved in and out of her. She wanted more, so much more. But then, she felt the other phallus pushing against her ass and she scared again. She wondered about the creatures intentions…

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The phallus took the opportuity and thrust between her lips. Jennifer bit down on the tentacle, but it was flexible as rubber and made no damage. Knowing that it would do her no good to fight,Jennifer gave it access to her whole body. :) Very soon her mind was a cyclone of pleasure, surrendering a bit farther every second.