Vaginal cavity

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3D Monster Sex

The creature stepped forward and analyzed Danika’s top, recognizing that it was not part of her skin. It unbuttoned the cloth and looked at the woman’s perky, voluptuous breasts then touched them delicately, caressing her nipples. Danika moaned quietly, instinctively responding to the subtle stimulation.

Drawn pussy

The humanoid stood up and moved in front of Danika, assuming the same pose. It was ready to begin the cloning procedure.

Danika-slave felt the slimy object being pushed easily between her pussy lips and beyond. She moaned out loud as the clone’s entire hand penetrated her vaginal cavity, making sure that the precious greenish material was lodged as deep as possible inside Danika’s body.

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The two identical females walked towards the door. One was excited about the impending events; the other was excited from the continuous itching in her pussy.