An instant later

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An instant later, Danika reached the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her body shuddered back and forth within irrepressible spasms that seemed to grow stronger every passing second. the humanoid trembled as well as this mind-blowing climax filtered through the tentacles into her. It was time…

The clone stared at Danika-slave lying on the floor, corroborating that their bodies were identical. The slave took deep breaths as she stared ip into nothing, deeply submerged in a permanent mesmerized state.

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Danika-slave felt the slimy object being pushed easily between her pussy lips and beyond. She moaned out loud as the clone’s entire hand penetreted her vaginal cavity, making sure that the precious greenish material was lodged as deep as possible inside Danika’s body.

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Danika-clone came back holding a small greenish object in her right hand. she ordered Danika to spread her legs and the slave obeyed without delay.

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