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A sudden spear of understanding fear shot through her; this thing was going to do the same thing that happened to that woman! She could not have this thing’s baby! Jennifer began fighting with all her might, as she watched the cock-like tentacles move around her.

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The beast quickened its pace, slamming its cock into the beautiful girls body. :) Jennofer’s control was rapidly slipping away from her. The unavoidably exciting feeling of being so full by this beast had already made her nipples erect and oversensitive to the tentacles rough caress. Jennifer’s body began to betray her as her hips moved on their own against the tentacle already so deep inside her.

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After almost an excruciating hour of labor, she finally felt the newborn leave her body. :) Jennifer looked down panting. It had exactly the same shape as its fathers, but much smaller.

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… and began to suck the rich milk from her gorged breasts.

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