Jennifers eyes

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Monster porn

Suddenly faster than Jennifers eyes could see, the tentacles had successfully wrapped around her legs, waist and right arm .Jennifer screamed and fought against it trying desperately to free herself while the beast began to pull her closer to the pit. Jennifer saw the big, raddish eye staring at her, Seconds later, they both descended rapidly down the pit.

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One of the phallic appendages positioned between her legs. Jennifer screamed and bucked as she saw the tentacle slowly move closer to her chastity.

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…but she was wrong. With a swift move, the phallus plunged into her pussy, ripped throung her hymen and imbedded itself into her womb. Jennifer held her mouth open wide in shock, then screamed out in pain as her pussy stretched to great lengths to accommodate the monsters large cick.

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Jennifer screamed and flailed her arms and legs around in a vain effort to escape. Two the gripping tentacles wrapped around Jennifer’s firm breasts and squeezed them tightly. The bewildered woman screamed louder when the huge phallus in her pussy started to move in and out of her pussy started to move in out of her, pain competing fiercely with pleasure.

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