Moments later

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Moments later, the girl’s mind was completely blank. Her brain only responded to the most basic instincts that started to fill the void left by any rational thought. Her belly began to twitch slightly from the inexplicable waves of pleasure flowing out of her clit, intensifying by the second. She couldn’t understand it, she couldn’t even think of it. She was only allowed to feel it.

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The humanoid detected the strong waves of pleasure coming through the tentacle into its own body and it shuddered as well. It was a strange sensation with a mysterious purpose. It liked it.

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A second flexible tentacle emerged from the humanoid anus. Every opening needed to be exlored and perfect symmetry was essential to the replication precess.

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A few day later, Danika already looked seve months pregnant. The pod developing inside of her kept the mesmerized woman in a constant state of arousal, draining her sexual energy to the limit, then waiting for her to recover and drain her all over again.

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