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Danika realized that she had been staring at the reflective liquid for a long time. But it was so interesting. She could swear that there were plasma rays projecting up from the fluid from time to time but it was impossible. She had to look more intently and catch one them to be sure.

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Danika placed several metallic appliances on top of the silver liquid which immediately melted and merged with it, creating a wider and thicker pool that grew substantially.

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A few minutes later, a fully formed humanoid, half wat between a man and a woman and made of shiny metal, was standing in front of Danika staring back at her with soulless silver eyes.

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The clone stared at Danika-slave lying on the floor, corroborating that their bodies were identical. The slave took deep breaths as she stared up into nothing, deeply submerged in a permanent mesmerized state.

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