Tentacle pushing forward

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The slender woman could clearly feel the malleable tentacle pushing forward, expanding and filling every inch of her pleasure center. Her nipples swelled even bigger while her pussy clenched hard around the invader, as if making sure it would never leave her shuddering body.

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The metallic creature observed Danika’s wide open mouth and extruded eyt another tentacle that waved forward, closer to the subject’s face.

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Thousands of micro-scopic fibers extended form the tentacles across Danika’s entire body reaching every organ, every muscle and every cell. Danika felt nothing but pure bliss.

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Danika-slave’s eyes opened wide not only from the forceful penetration but also from the unexplainable warmth that immedeately began to spread from inside her belly. She had been ordered to love this little thing attaching to her womb but she would have loved it anyway. It felt so good.

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