The little monster

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Jennifer screamed in terror! An unearthly creature was emerging from a large pit in the center of the room. It was huge, with one creepy eye extending from the top of its body that looked intently at her. The monster had four appendages holding it up and four greenish tentacles protruding from its main body, two on each side. Jennifer backed as far away as possible while some them start to move closer to her.

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The pit ended it a large, well iffuminated cave. It seemed to be specially designed to provide a living space for the creature. Jenifer didn’t even realize where she was as her ming was almost in shock from terror. She was sure that the monster would eat her.

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Jennifer felt the slightest touch to her pussy lips and she quivered. She hoped that the large size of the tentacle would prevent ot from entering her body…

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The little monster instinctively turned around and jumped swiftly towards Jennifer. The started woman didn’t even havetime to scream before the creature landed on her chest.

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